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Tug of War – Feifei Yang

My new pop video!

Time Square Ball Drop Stage 2017

Feifei as the leading voice in the song Uncover Your Veil. It was the first time a Chinese female singer appeared at Times Square New Year’s Eve Countdown.

Grace (Jeff Buckley) – Feifei Yang and Gary Lucas

Live performance at Joe's Pub 06/08/2017

If I'm Without You Live at Joe's Pub

Feifei Yang & Gary Lucas

White Christmas

Singing live at the Manhattan Night concert

This piece is composed by Feifei Yang for both Erhu and Banhu in her album Dance of the Strings (released in 2015). In this music video, you will see the Electric Erhu as well. Feifei Yang played all five different roles in this music video.

Vermillion Bird 《朱雀》MTV

Music Video

Dear Mother《妈妈》– Carnegie Hall World Premiere

Dear Mother illustrates the universality of maternal love found in life. The musical interaction between the erhu and the cello symbolizes the intimate dialogue between a daughter and her beloved mother.

Dance of Yao《瑶族舞曲》– Lincoln Center

The Dance of Yao was composed by Tieshan Liu and Yuan Mao. Feifei Yang was playing Erhu as the leading instrument with Manhattan Symphonie Orchestra at Lincoln Center.

Banhu Performance: Hebei Bang-Zi Variation 《花梆子》

Composed by Shao-Yi Yan, performed by Feifei Yang at China's Liaoning Grand Theater.

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