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Music is without boundaries.

So with life...

–– Ms. Yang

Students Showtime

Ada Zhou, 12 years old

When she just learned the Erhu for 2 and a half months, she made into the final of the American Youth Talent Competition. She also loves singing, playing violin and piano. Her dream is to become a DJ. What a cool kid! Good luck Ada!

Terre Roche

American Singing, Song Writer, Guitarist, and The Roches!

The one and only Terre Roche have brought Erhu to so many American audiences during her recitals and concerts. Visit her web and listen to her amazing music! https://terreroche.com/

Alicia Michelle

Fluent Mandarin speaker. She loves Chinese culture and playing Erhu so much! Her favorite song, for now, is Amazing Grace and Farewell. Can you tell that she is also a mother-to-be? Her baby must be a big Erhu fan as well. Congrats Alicia!