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Feifei Yang (Wikipedia) is an award-winning musician, performer, and groundbreaking arts entrepreneur.  Hailed as “The Chinese Huqin Girl Stepping into Hollywood” by Sinovision, she is a Two-stringed-fiddles (Erhu, Banhu, Gaohu, and Zhonghu) performance expert, a vocalist, and an actress whose talents are revolutionizing global music and entertainment scenes. 

As a performer, Feifei Yang has contributed her talents to such legendary settings as the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Carnegie Hall, the Barclays Center, the United Nations, Abu Dhabi Palace, Summer Stage, New York Fashion Week, CBS, WNBC, and many others. In 2015, Feifei Yang released her first album Dance of the Strings, featuring a self-composed jazz Huqin piece for Erhu and Banhu, creating a rhythmic groove. The album also features three of her live classical Banhu performances, presenting the works from composers Shao-Yi Yan, Ying Zhang, and legendary Banhu player Mingyuan Liu. Her releases also include:

Are You The One in 2024 (Vocal, Erhu); 

Love’s First Taste in 2023 (Vocal);

Love Gone By 2021 (Vocal);

You Will Never Be Alone in 2020 (Vocal);

China Caribe in 2018 (Jazz Erhu);

Ergo in 2017 (Erhu); 

Tug of War in 2017 (Vocal). 

Vermillion Bird 2016 (Erhu)

Feifei is a dual Global Music Award Winner - Female Vocalist & Popular Music. Her award-winning performance in “Tug of War,” her 2017 pop music video debut, showcased her talents as an actress, a singer, and Erhu master; the song combined Chinese Erhu and American pop into a unique blend of Chinese and Western music art style. Feifei also appeared as a performer on the famed Times Square New Year's Eve Countdown Stage. This was the first time a Chinese female singer appeared at the Times Square New Year’s Eve Countdown stage. 

Feifei Yang began her music training with the Erhu, the Chinese two-stringed fiddle, at nine in northeast China. She was the only student studying the Banhu to be accepted to the Shenyang Conservatory of Music in 2003. Four years later, her combined achievements earned her the honor of Outstanding Graduate Student of all of Liaoning province’s colleges. In 2007, she became the very first Masters recipient for Banhu in the Conservatory’s history. She was the first-place winner of the AWZG Chinese Young Artists Talent Selection.  Additional merits include the Best Creativity Award winner in CCTV's “Chinese New Year Gala” U.S. Talent Hunt. Along with her conservatory training, Feifei holds additional Master's degrees in Education from Adelphi University and Arts and Cultural Management from the Pratt Institute. 

Coupled with her love for the performing arts is Feifei’s passion for building bridges between China and diverse cultures and art forms. In 2015, she collaborated with Mr. Cosmo Shoumain Xue to develop a modern electronic version of the Erhu, enabling performers to play contemporary music of professional standards while retaining the rich heritage of the thousand-year-old instrument. Under the advisement of Professor HyukJae Henry Yoo at the Pratt Institute in New York, Feifei contributed a deep understanding of the essence and heritage of the Erhu, which was essential to its research, creation, and execution. Her contributions led the Pratt Institute to retain Feifei as a post-graduate researcher for its Digital Arts and Humanities Research Center (DAHRC). In 2018, Feifei collaborated with D'Addario company and successfully created the best-selling Erhu strings. Feifei has also served as a judge for the China Central Television’s (CCTV) China Youth Talent Show Contests; the Fifth Annual American Youth Talent and Art Contests; and China's National Youth Music Competition.



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